Monday, 9 December 2013

5 Habits Men Need to Change

We know, you love your partner a lot but still, there are some things about him that just drive you crazy. And we also know, you can actually come up with a long list of habits that you think your man needs to change. But let’s not expect them to be someone else. You can help your man change ‘a bit’ but not totally! We list down five common habits about men that women find super annoying…
* Boring Hairdo
Not all men are interested in different hairdo’s like women. Most men just go to a nearby salon and say, “I need a hair cut.” They don’t wait for an appointment from a hair stylish to cut their hair, like women do. So, if you find his hairdo crappy, take him to a good salon and decide a hairdo for him with the stylist. It doesn’t need to be super high-end, but chances are he’ll get a much better cut there and he’ll appreciate you for it, once people start complementing him.
* Dressing Sense
Most men don’t like to throw away their old pants and tees and then they think women only know how to waste money after shopping every month. But, men don’t understand that new outfits make you look nice and appear more confident. If you’re earning, why not spend after yourself, right? We’re sure every man has one ripped denim that he’s obsessed with, but if he has a closet full of them, create occasions that will make him dress up a little more. We mean, you can take him out for dinner to a nice place once in 15 days or host a private party at home with close family and friends, etc. Take him shopping beforehand and rave about how hot he looks.
* You’ve Found Him…
What? digging his nose when your friends are around? or burping out loudly in front of you and your friends? If yes, we totally understand how embarrassing that must have been. Your partner may be dressed to kill, smelling of a sexy perfume, but as soon as his little finger makes its way up his little nose, the real him is exposed. You got to tell him its gross. And why would he want to do that to his poor nails? It’s a cardinal sin to be seen with a finger in your nose, anywhere in the world. All you got to do is explain to him in a nice way and say that if you must clean the insides, go to the loo. But also wash your hands after doing the dirty deed. The same goes with burping, tell him that it’s bad manners and that he need not prove it to people how full he is.
* On His Day Off, He’s Only Glued to the TV
This can bug you all the more if you’ve got only one TV at home. If he only watches TV on his day off, you got to find a solution to this. This is the only day when you get time for each other and it should be utilized in a better way. If he wants to watch his favorite show in the evening, plan your day accordingly, so that you’re back home before his show starts. Or if you want him to join you for a party or a concert next week, blackmail him by saying you’ll happily sit at home and watch TV with him all day if he promises to be there for the occasion with you, or whatever.
* He Forgets to… 
Trim his hair in his nostrils. What? Yes, we know hair is a sign of vanity, but not when it’s growing out of your nose. Nothing is a bigger turn off than seeing those ugly curls playing hide and seek from under your partner’s nose. We suggest, you gift him a manicure kit and please tell him to use the slimmest pair of scissors in it to get rid of the unwanted hair. Blackmail him and get him to do it anyhow. Also, tell him that this is not meant to be a festive makeover. This needs to become a weekly habit, and if need be, make sure he does it even more frequently.

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