Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Looking For That Special Someone Online?

Like most things in life, a little patience goes a long way while searching a partner online. May be you’ve been on intimatematrimony.com for months and still haven’t found that special someone. Ever wondered why? May be your profile isn’t 100 per cent complete or you haven’t spend enough time online looking for your match, etc. Completing your profile with all the necessary information about you, your family background, your profession, the kind of partner you are looking for, etc is the first step towards finding the right match.
Unlike more ‘traditional’ ways of connecting, finding a partner online has more advantages. For instance, you have the advantage of reading a profile before you even meet the person face-to-face. You have enough time to chat and get to know each other before you meet. There are more advantages to this, but you need to be careful about the kind of profiles you choose to accept. To give yourself the best chance at connecting with someone online apply these rules – introduction, courtesy, a list of questions – as part of the process of getting to know each other.
Also, think twice before you feel comfortable sharing your personal information with someone. Though there are no hard and fast rules, these are a few pointers to keep in mind based on your comfort that will increase the likelihood of a response from the person whose caught your eye.
–> Introduce yourself and tell the person what you like about their profile specifically.
–> Ask them questions to show that you’ve read their profile and would like to know more about them.
–> If you just say, “Hey, hi how are you” and then expect the opposite person to strike a conversation, this will never happen. So feel free to ask questions.
–> Text or talk on the phone to establish rapport before meeting.
–> Don’t wait too long before meeting in person. Set a quick meeting to see if you like each other in person.

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